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Health education targeted at nurses, doctors, and other medical practitioners or well-being personnel plays an important role in creating an advanced healthcare system.

The skills healthcare personnel learn from educational programs can help improve the way patients are treated and can have a significant impact on formulating effective treatment plans.

There have been various educational programs for health professionals all around the globe. Here are some of the case studies of some of them and how they benefited healthcare professionals as well as patients alike:

Health Education’s impact on medical expenses in Japan

Shinshu University Medical School in Japan initiated a new campaign aimed at improving health education amongst personnel and even citizens.

The implementation of this campaign involved formulating a health program that was ISO 9001 compliant. When it began, the objective of the program was helping healthcare personnel see that healthcare is more than just treating patients when they get sick.

Instead, taking a proactive approach in improving the health of the patients by changing daily lifestyle habits to contribute towards better general well-being. One of the outcomes this study had was having an impact on medical expenses in Japan. The medical expenses of citizens that took part in this health education program significantly differed from the other group.

This proved that people around the world could reduce medical costs by changing their daily lifestyle habits. Healthcare professionals can lead in making this happen, just like in the study conducted by Shinshu University. There were other very important benefits to this health education program and they include longevity and improved mobility.

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TEVA UK and Education for Health REAL case study

An organization called Education for Health and TEVA UK partnered up in a study looking into improving the care of patients with respiratory complications. The educative program was called Respiratory Education and Learning (REAL). This program had the main goal of supporting patients with long term respiratory conditions.

The program was available for free online and the targeted audience was healthcare professionals that encounter patients with this type of condition. Healthcare professionals benefited greatly from this program because it did not only raise awareness about respiratory conditions but also helped offered great insights. Those insights equipped healthcare professionals to cultivate the skills needed to deal with respiratory problems.

Some nurses joined a community that frequently shares updated information regarding this condition. All of these benefits combined contributed to better patient care for individuals suffering from respiratory.

The community made up by these healthcare professionals continues to grow over the years since this program was initially launched. That contributes to the widespread reach of nurses that are well-equipped to deal with respiratory conditions.

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Diabetes education and training for practice nurses

Practice nurses in Wigan were helped by formulating a training program that is focused on diabetes patients. The program was overseen by NHS Wigan Borough Clinical Commissioning Group. By creating a program specifically focused on this condition, practice nurses have become more informed about it, which contributes to better treatment.

Those who attended this training program have mentioned that they learned a lot from the reflective learning method used. The conversation is two-way and students can also weigh in on the topic according to their experience. An open discussion like this contributed to great insights that are pragmatic and practical in healthcare.

Even the trainers have admitted to learning a few things during this training from the practice nurses. There has been a lot of positive feedback from all stakeholders involved in this training program. Undoubtedly, all the insights that new practice nurses and even older ones learned from this program have proven to be immensely effective in treating diabetes patients.

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COPD Training introduction

Healthcare professionals have been blessed with another online learning material program that weighs in on insights regarding COPD. Education for Health designed and created a platform for healthcare professionals that can help them develop the skills and gain insights about how to recognize, manage, and treat COPD.

The platform is very interactive and engaging. Using it to learn more about this condition has been reported to be very satisfying. It has attracted hundreds of healthcare professionals that are interested in learning more about COPD with evidence-based material.

The COPD program has been well-received in the respiratory field in Europe and other communities all around the globe. Having this educational resource that is highly informative has helped COPD patients receive better care.

That is because healthcare professionals were much more informed about this condition, which proved to be beneficial. The COPD training-introduction has also raised awareness about this condition, which was seemingly not gaining the attention it deserves.

The bottom line

Healthcare professionals have received a lot of training that improves the care they provide patients. Some of these case studies have helped contribute to better medical expenses. The healthcare professionals that have received this training have gained more insight into certain conditions and how to best manage and treat them. These case studies that took place all around the world have not only generated awareness but also provided actionable advice on what to do when treating certain conditions.

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