Corona deniers – Here we go again

Here we go again. Some weeks ago I referred to Corona deniers as being a kin to members of the Flat Earth Society. Well, despite the derision I took for that statement, my opinion hasn’t changed one iota. Do people truly believe that all the leaders of the free world, including the ‘Kranky’ person, have actually put all their heads together and conspired to cripple all their economies and throw their respective countries into chaos-merely to gain some kind or Orwellian hold over their citizens?

Are you listening to yourselves? You sound utterly ridiculous. Our leaders maybe making errors of judgement, some of their rules and regulations may appear to be over the top and ‘unfair’, some of the ‘numbers’ may be incorrect, but they doing their darndest to control and eliminate an unprecedented virus that is running riot and killing the population. To achieve success, they it are acting on the advice of the highest and most expert medical authorities in the land. What suddenly made all those social media posters experts in pandemics and how to deal with them?

The minute we began to ease off and allow all the diddums’ to go for drinkie poos and ‘let their hair down’ the numbers began to rise again. It’s not a fallacy; the infection rate is now increasing at an alarming rate. The front line workers of NHS are once again under extreme pressure to control and deal with the extra influx of patients. For those who insist its nothing more than a touch of the flu, new figures out today show that between January and August three times the amount of people died from the Corona virus than died from Pneumonia and Influenza combined! The areas that are now finding themselves under the strictness restrictions has nothing to do with North and South divides, it’s to do with numbers of people not complying with the rules and regulations they were asked to observe.

The sooner people stop crying in their milk and voluntarily knuckle down and follow the rules, the quicker we will see the end of this nightmare. Why should those who do comply be suffering because selfish numbers of the population decide they are being ‘hard done by’ and know better than the experts? We are all suffering in oneway or another. No one is getting any preferential treatment. If the self-centered minority would observe the rules, keep their toys in their prams and see a bit of sense, the government wouldn’t need to make and enforce new laws, which have to be implemented by extra police patrols and subsequent arrests.

Make no mistake. Everyone wants this over. Even if you halve the published numbers you have to be totally moronic to deny the world is in the grip of a virus that, if not contained or eliminated, will continue to kill and incapacitate our citizens for well into the foreseeable future. Wear a mask. Wash your hands, observe social distancing and use your common sense.

For all our sakes. Keep the faith

Love Leapy

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