“Ramblings Of A Retired Tourist” – Make America sane again!

Trump is not an exact anagram of Putin but he seems to be modelling his presidential dictatorship on that of the Russian. Make America sane again!

He also sees Kim Jong-un as a great leader. Is he seeking a term for life, regardless of the wishes of the people? If he refuses to budge from the Oval Office after the election, he should be frog-marched across the White House Lawn with cameras at the ready, humiliated as he has single-handedly humiliated and polarised his nation. Surely, even in today’s USA, it seems inconceivable that he could be re-elected.

For the wrong reasons, he may be remembered in history more than any President since Kennedy, Roosevelt–or even Lincoln. But then, Hitler is far better known than Adenauer.

This devious, selfish man will stop at nothing to avoid surrendering his catastrophic presidency. He is banking on the complete gullibility of millions of his compatriots. We shall see how it turns out.

Let’s look at the desperate measures has he tried in order to facilitate the nightmare of another four years. He has meddled in or tried to interfere with the SupremeCourt, the media, the electoral process (even the election date!), free trade, alliances, Brexit, multilateralism, social harmony, Obama Care, and the scientific conclusions of corona virus.

Trump has criticised United Nations, NATO and the World Health Organisation, and regards war heroes and fallen US soldiers as losers and suckers. He defended right wing extremist attacks on peaceful demonstrators against police brutality. And he has sacrificed or endangered the lives of hundreds of thousands of citizens through his reckless behaviour. He dismisses any challenge to his own view of the world as fake news or hoax. He has evaded taxes and abused his power. And, it goes on. He would even claim to have Christian values if it would win him a few votes.

He used the embarrassing peace deal parade along side his Israeli crony, Netanyahu, as a political rally. “He is a great leader, like me; I’m a tremendous leader”. Whatever our opinion of Xi Jin Ping,Trump’s tirade against China at the United Nations showed him up as impetuous and immature, when contrasted with the measured address by the Chinese leader. The corona statistics, the state of the economy and the national division and the image of the USA abroad speak for themselves. An alarming number of senior members of his administration seem to accept that he is the greatest and most successful President in history.

The lies and ridiculous personal accusations propagated against Joe Biden seem to be believed by millions of voters. What is more dangerous than Trump himself is the fanaticism and ignorance of his supporters. It brings back horrific images of the Nuremberg rallies of the thirties. There seems to be enough sanity among the electorate for sense to prevail. Otherwise two possibilities could emerge. These are fascism and civil war.

Either way, these are extremely dangerous times.

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Written by

David Worboys

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