How To Cope Through Difficult Times

2020 has been a testing time for many so far. Separated from family members, social distancing from those you love, without any physical contact, businesses closing and people being furloughed from their jobs. Statistics for mental health issues are on the rise, with helplines being inundated with calls. Is there anything we can do for ourselves to get us through this? How can you cope through difficult times.

If you are a person who looks at every situation through a negative mindset, it can have an impact on every aspect of your life, including, family, friendships, relationships and health. Your thought patterns affect your emotions, which in turn, affects your behaviour and actions. For example, if you wake one morning in a bad mood and consistently think of that bad mood, you will feel angry, frustrated, grumpy. This may lead to the actions of shouting at family members, becoming impatient with work colleagues, whilst mentally beating yourself up over your behaviours.

Depending on the issue that each individual is dealing with, there are several ways you can approach this and learn how to change your way of thinking and your coping mechanism.

Write Rather Than Think

The first step I take with all of my clients is journaling. Write down your current negative thought. What is the situation that has caused this thought? Do you have any physical evidence that makes this thought true? By writing down your actual thoughts, help you recognise and name it without judgement. You may even notice that your painful feelings disappear after a while. “This too shall pass” can become words to live by.

You Can’t Control A Person or Situation Outside Of You

This is a statement I live by daily. You are only in control of you! Whilst you cannot control a situation or person outside of you, you can control the emotions that you attach to it. Do not dismiss or ignore your emotion as that will not make the pain go away. Acknowledge the distress and accept it as your present reality. Accepting does not mean you like it, it only means that you can put these unpleasant thoughts to the front and centre of your mind, rather than allowing them to float unconsciously under the surface

Be Your Own Best Friend

80% of our thoughts are negative, we can be really mean to ourselves. Ask yourself, is that the way you would treat your best friend? Self-love is so important. Everything starts with and how you feel about yourself, so, the next time you punish yourself over a situation you cannot control, ask yourself this important question. Would I speak to my best friend in the same way?

Do The Things You Love

It is a fact that there will be situations in everyone’s life that may cause you difficult times, but, that doesn’t mean you have to allow it to control every aspect of your life. When these situations occur, remember to do the things you love and reach for the belief. Talk out loud if it helps, “I love the warmth of the sun on my face”, “reading books makes me feel relaxed”, “I love the smell of fresh coffee”, these examples will amend your way of thinking and will encourage you to look for the positive.

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