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Never has my constant harping about legal aid lawyer fees been more justified than by the events that took place just recently. Nineteen out of twenty illegal immigrants, who, after months of wrangling, were finally being deported, became prevented from leaving after last-minute actions by their lawyers gained them a stay of ‘execution.’

Ultimately, only one finally flew off into the great blue good riddance. Once again the so-called ‘activist’ lawyers, ’managed to retain a lucrative number of customers for their dubious companies, allowing them, under the umbrella of the ridiculous human rights regulations, to bleed the British taxpayer even further.

The amount this modern-day, second rate bunch of shylocks is coining in is really quite frightening. I tried a little research and found that their fees begin at something like one hundred pounds sterling an hour. Assuming they spend five hours a day on a case and multiply that by the nineteen illegals they managed to hold back, then this batch alone can bring in some nine thousand five hundred sterling a DAY.

Multiply that by the amount of weeks or months it takes to resolve these cases and you begin to get some idea of the money these individuals are gleefully conning out of the public purse. And these nineteen are only one example. There are literally hundreds of other cases we never even get to hear about. One assessment I came across,was that lawyers who specialize in immigrant cases are costing the tax payer around one hundred million pounds a year!

Personally think that is probably a conservative figure and in reality, it is much higher. You can rest assured than none of these sharks have any moral or patriotic obligations to the British public. They are simple hell bent on screwing the taxpayer out of all they can get. Remember also, these were the same low life’s who went knocking on doors in the Middle East, in an attempt to inveigle the citizens in war areas to lodge complaints against British soldiers so their companies could begin legal actions against our brave men and women in the military.

They are the lowest of the low and need hitting where it will really hurt, right in their grubby money grabbing wallets. Their fees, particularly where it involves illegal immigrants, must be capped and capped pretty low at that. If they really do have consciences and truly do care about these people, let ‘em take on a few cases pro bono.

Ha! You’ve more chance of having a foxtrot with our dear Queen Elizabeth in Harrods window than seeing that particular scenario. Personally, I can’t see why the government doesn’t take some action against this very obvious, wholly unacceptable extortion racket. Unless of course, the bosses are all members of the same old boys club; which is a far more likely scenario.‘ Us and them ’once again I’m afraid. Always has been and, until the ‘revolution’, always will be.

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