Stop her – spitting is assault!

A man sat on a transit bus in Vancouver, Canada, experiences a malicious attack by a woman spitting on him. The video went viral on the social platform Tik Tok on Wednesday, the 21st of October, both people remain unnamed.

Stop her – spitting is assault! You can see the man sitting down, wearing a mask and the woman is stood up, you can see them having what looks to be a heated discussion, then she spits in his face. The man is heard saying “disgusting” just before she spits on him, then he reacts almost instantly by pushing her out of the stopped transit bus onto the pavement where she laid in shock.

You can see passengers going out to see if the lady needs help, whereas other passengers remain in their seats calling the act “horrific”. The man videoing the assault from the beginning can be heard saying, “hey, come on!” after she spits on him. Whilst other passengers make remarks to the man shouting, “oh my gosh, what is wrong with you?”

The short video has caused fury amongst the viewers as there have been comments saying “if it was a man that was pushed off of the bus by a woman it would be okay but because a man pushed a woman out, it seems like an ‘unnecessary’ action” and “she deserved everything she got, disgraceful action in these times”. There is now an on-going investigation surrounding the viral video.

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