Mother-of-three quit her job to sell her bottom!

A mother-of-three reveals how she quit the corporate world to pursue a career in art. Her early artwork included sculptures modeled on her bottom that championed female empowerment and challenged societal pressures on women to conform.

Naomi Wallens, 44, was living a very traditional life she worked as a product manager and category manager for a toy company when she left university before starting her own company inventing toys for girls.

However, she soon realised that the corporate world wasn’t making her happy and that she needed to make a change in her life.

Describing her decision to move into art, Naomi said, ‘I followed a pre-conditioned journey through school into university and into the corporate world to follow a “successful” path and when I got there I realised how desperately unhappy I had become.

‘Living for the weekend, living a life that was successful in the eyes of society but painful in my heart and unfulfilling and meaningless to my soul. My light started to go out.

‘I didn’t make a decision to go into art, but in the depths of my unhappiness, I just started to paint again.

‘My Dad always told me this life isn’t a rehearsal and he is right. I still don’t know where my journey in art is leading, I just know that I feel freedom and I now appreciate each day.’

Naomi said that she draws some of her ideas from celebrities such as Miley Cyrus who inspired her photography work, and Joaquin Phoenix and Jay Z whose honesty spoke to her emotionally.  

‘My kids have always been and continue to be a huge source of inspiration as they are the most positive, kind, and non-judgmental people I have ever met,’ she said.

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Charlie Loran

Manchester born mummy with a two year old diva (2020), living on the Costa del Sol for just short of a decade.
Former chef and restaurateur, holistic health fanatic and lover of long words.

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