No better time to appreciate our loyal companions

We all appreciate our loyal companions, especially right now. This time of Covid has been one of the most trying in recent history. Most of us have felt the need for and the appreciation of our loyal companions more than ever.

At HouseSitMatch we too are trying to be positive and look forward, to ensure we have positive goals and continue to build new plans for the future. If you are planning a trip for when all this is over in 2021 to see family and friends or just to get away, now is the time to get ready. We will help you as much as we can.

Our philosophy is that we are all in this together. These are the steps she has taken so far:

  1. Registered as a Homeowner on
  2. She chose a Premium account (£ 89 GB per year) to ensure she could get help online when needed
  3. Created a profile with photos of Daisy and the house, inc features of the property (i.e. Swimming pool)
  4. Posted a house sit advert stating the plans for a holiday in August, subject to Covid permitted travel

Do you need a pet sitter in 2021?

It’s best to get started right now.

How does it work?

HouseSitMatch can help you find suitable sitters. Join our network for a small annual fee. You get ID checked for safety and then build your advert saying when you are going on holiday. Housesitters see your advert, they respond and you choose whom you’d like to care for your pets.

TrustpilotTestimonials–4.8/5 Excellent rating

(New Trustpilot rating scale)Here’s what members have said about us-Housesit Match found us a perfect house sitter…House sit Match found us a perfect house sitter while we were away in Canada and we were delighted with the care and attention that Housesit Match took in helping us find the right person.

Ros Morris–Dog owner

How do you join?

Please register online via our website a membership plan–Please note prices goup soon so sign up now on subscription to secure these prices:Standard (DIYoption)= £69 pao Premium (with support at each step)= £89pa

Do you need a house sitter?

Get in touch. House-sitting can be a win-win for both parties, free house and pet sitting, and the experienced and checked sitters get free accommodation!

Register as either house sitter or home owner with a 50% discount using coupon code SUPER50–an exclusive offer for readers.This special offer ends on 31 July 2020.To find a house pet-sitter go to

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