Sometimes being a friend is hard

Sometimes being a friend is hard. I am that friend you have to explain to your other friends before they meet me….

Anybody else feel like this?

I am that friend that can turn up to the party dressed all in black, or I can be that friend that turns up in a sequins top and glitzy shoes!

I am that friend that can sit down with you and cry, or I am that can be too loud!

I am that friend that will suddenly have to leave the party or that friend that needs to be told it’s ‘home time’.

I am that friend with an immaculate house, or I am that friend that looks like her house has been burgled.

I am that friend that will text you 3 times a day or I am that friend that you can go weeks without speaking to.

I am that friend that can be up for an adventure, or I can be that friend that has to bail last minute because I can’t cope.

My circle is small, and I am lucky to have the friends I have in my world. Obviously, it goes without saying that everyone suffering with a mental illness are different and will struggle with different things but my perspective on things goes like this.

Yes–we do cancel plans–I know this one can be an awful one to have to deal with as a friend, but I promise you it’s not a decision we want to make. We certainly don’t do it to be rude, awkward or mean!

We do not wake up and suddenly think we don’t want to see you today. Quite the opposite–I will often worry and panic about how I am going to turn you down or cancel altogether sometimes for hours but more likely days.

I will play out every single possible scenario in my head until I am a nervous wreck, the stupid thing is, I do probably want to go and I do want to see you but I am now in such state I can’t leave the house!

I am that friend. Don’t forget you can write to me on the email below or follow me on facebook @mswillowbipolar.

Love Ms Bipolar x

Thank you for reading this column, “Sometimes being a friend is hard”. For more from Ms Bipolar, visit the Euro Weekly News website.

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