Stay In Your Shed – Dave!

Stay In Your Shed – Dave! Didn’t You Do Enough Damage First Time Round? A furious David Cameron is reportedly trying to block the publication of damaging details about his handling of Brexit revealed in a new book.

A biography of the former cabinet secretary Lord Heywood, written by his widow, has unearthed a document that he wrote before the Brexit vote warning Cameron about the dangers of holding an EU referendum.

Cameron shouldn’t worry about a book, his reputation is already seared into the history books and the consciousness of the nation. He was warned not to hold a referendum by George Osborne, and apparently many others gave the same warning. He thought he could wing it, just like he has done throughout his life.

So, another old Etonian, out of his depth, promoted because of connections and a gambler who didn’t have a plan for Brexit. Called a referendum when it wasn’t in the national interest. With no preconditions. Just in or out. And lost. He should have walked away from the pre-referendum ‘renegotiation’ debacle, informing the EU that if that was the best they could do it’d result in a vote to leave.

Maybe that might have concentrated a few minds sufficiently to gain enough concessions, primarily on free movement, to keep the UK in. It was also Cameron who, when advised against bombing Libya by the then Chief of the Defence Staff, told him to get on with the military stuff whilst he did the politics.

Well, he did the politics and look where we are with Libya. Classic arrogance of a man who thought he knew best but had no idea why he thought so. Dave, you don’t need anyone’s help or books to damage your reputation, you managed that all by yourself. Now, retreat to your luxury shed and hum one of your little ditties to make yourself feel better.

You’ll forever be the PM who chose to roll the dice, ran a dreadful campaign, lost and then scuttled off when things went belly up. For many, that’s exactly what happened. Nothing you can do about it.

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Nora Johnson

Nora is the author of popular psychological suspense and crime thrillers and a freelance journalist.


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