Accept What Is

When you look and see things as “unacceptable”, it means you are looking at it with a negative mindset. What if I flipped this around for you and taught you to look at what you deem to be unacceptable in a positive manner? Accept What Is.

You are able to look at any situation as the ability to develop more of a positive attitude and view. Looking at each experience or situation as a learning process. I’d like you to think of a situation or an experience that you have felt as”unacceptable”. (I’m sure 2020 can give you quite a few!) take yourself to the moment and acknowledge how it makes you feel, and the emotions that you attach to it.

Empathise with yourself and understand that acceptance can sometimes feel challenging. Allow yourself to feel whatever it is you are feeling and relax about it. You cannot force acceptance, you need to learn your own natural process and break it down. If you are feeling overwhelmed, what is the challenge that is making you feel overwhelmed? Learn about your natural feelings before attempting to take action.

Sometimes, it can simply be one of those things such as a bad day. Be kind to yourself and see things how they really are without spending too much time trying to direct. It can be so easy for you to lose touch with reality. It can be a sign that you are refusing to care what it really going on. Take things less personally.

Not everything in the world is about you. You are not always the victim. Ask what is it that is really bothering me and causing my negative thoughts and emotions. What is really going on?

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