Political correctness in the UK

I have always maintained that political correctness would be the death of the U.K. Witnessing the facts emerging from this week’s inquest into the Manchester bombing it appears my predictions have tragically begun to materialize.

Political correctness in the UK. According to his testimony, the security guard responsible for allowing this despicable piece of pigs will to continue his mission of death admitted he hadn’t challenged him because he ‘didn’t want to appear racist!’ This was despite the monster transparently ticking every suspicious box on the list. The colossal backpack he was carrying should alone have aroused suspicion, even if it had been carried in by the Pope himself!

No, I’m afraid this witness’s admission simply shows us that all those who advocate political correctness and the suppression of free speech, basically have the blood of all those young people on their hands. To my mind, they are all traitors and are guilty of treason. If we had allowed thousands of young able-bodied Germans, to enter and be succoured in the UK before the First World War, there wouldn’t have been a second!

If we had also decided to subsequently implement laws of Political Correctness and the suppression of free speech it would have been a kin to handing the German interlopers weapons of mass destruction and the country would have been destroyed within weeks. Someone truly does have to get a grip. Scotland Yard has admitted there are at least 5,000 Jihadists in Britain alone, with more than 30,000 operating in terrorist cells, and reinforcements are arriving every day!

How much more will it take for our politicians to act – or even acknowledge the true menace of Islamist extremism? In the last two weeks, there have been three major terrorist attacks in France. Three of the innocent victims were actually beheaded in public by individuals screaming Allahu Akbar. ‘Ah,’ bleat the so-called moderates, ‘but the majority of Muslims are not like that’. No, and not all the Germans were Nazis.

There are twenty-five million Muslims living in Europe (yep!) six million in France alone. So where are all these ‘moderates’? Why they are not out packing the streets and city centers bearing signs denouncing the extremists, along with their religious leaders decrying these violent and unacceptable acts of violence in concerted efforts to bridge the enormous gulf that exists between our two societies? Well, don’t hold yer breath! The advice given by the oft misquoted John Stuart Mills and reiterated by JF Kennedy comes glaringly to mind.

‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is those good men should look on and do nothing.’ I’m also getting extremely peeved at being made to feel guilty for being white. But that, of course, is for another column entirely.

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    • J Wildy

      25 April 2021 • 11:48

      Greetings from your like-minded friends in Australia, and contempt for the exponents of so-called “political correctness”
      I’m waiting for the name change of The White Cliffs of Dover. Given that you can’t allow this to continue; the question is what name must it now be changed to? This silly post is no more ludicrous than what I’ve been hearing of over the last few years.


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