This is not a political point of view

By the time you read this hopefully Donny, the snake oil salesman will no longer be POTUS and I won’t have to worry about him anymore. Believe me though if Biden starts doing crazy things I’ll be on his case too.

Because, as I’ve said many times, I am not coming at this from a political point of view. I dislike all politicians. People have continually said that Trump has done wonderful things. Well, when I say people, I mean Donny has said it all the time. So what has he achieved? What stands out to me is he managed to bankrupt his casinos in Atlantic City which is a really difficult thing to do. As an aside, I actually got thrown out of the Trump Taj Mahal but that’s a whole different story. Then there are the most ridiculous things he has said this week whilst on his campaign trail.

The one that stands out for me was when he stood there and said that he has done more for black people in the USA than anyone else. When accused of being racist he actually said, “I am the least racist person here.” Really? You actually want to say that you buffoon? Think about what he is saying which is yes, I am racist but not as racist as other people here! So in a room with KKK members and a few of the Proud Boys, Donald, let me tell you, you’re only the least racist person in the room if it’s 1942 Germany and you’re at a cocktail party hosted by the Third Reich and even then I’m not entirely convinced.

Then last night, just to piss off all the women, he says, “I’m getting all your husbands back to work. ”What century is this man in? Get them back to work so the little woman can go back to doing all her household chores without hubby getting in her way? It goes on and on. Covid will be gone by November 4th according to him. Well, that’s great news or is it just more of his absolute bullshit? I have faith in the American people to get it right this time but if they don’t you will all have to put up with me going on about him for the next 4 years. Please get it right!

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