So just why did Donald Trump lose?

YES, YES, YES He lost. Good over evil prevailed. The biggest turnout in American history got it right as far as I’m concerned and 74+ million voters agree. Trump also got 70 million, but strangely all his were legitimate but Biden’s weren’t.

As usual, Trump is crying like a baby about this being rigged and that being phoney. Everyone of importance in the World now recognises Joe Biden as President Elect but still, as of today, Trump has not accepted defeat. So why did he lose?

Well, in my opinion, and this is my column so that’s what you are going to get, people were fed up with his insulting speeches and name calling of anyone that disagreed with him. He surrounded himself with yes men, many of whom broke numerous laws and got nicked only to be pardoned by the Boss at a later date.

Lots have said they expected him to be a bad loser. I personally think he is a bad loser because he was a bad winner. Nothing he does has any class whatsoever. He is a liar.

News stations were cutting away from his speech the other night when he was rambling on, stating they could not justify him the air time when he was just blatantly lying. Twitter was putting notices on his tweets saying they were not factual. Did he do some good stuff? I don’t know, maybe?

Republicans of standing are saying he should accept defeat. His own family are saying it. I saw Rudy Giuliani outside the Four Seasons, the garden centre in between a funeral home and a sex shop, not the world famous hotel which had already put out a statement saying he was not going to be at their premises.

He’s saying it was all going to be decided in court and they were going to sue everybody in sight. If you want to see what Giuliani is all about look at his ‘performance’ in the new Borat movie.

Eventually Donald Trump will make a concession speech and my guess is that it will not be done with dignity like every other outgoing POTUS before him. It’s over. It’s done. Hopefully Joe Biden will be a great President and will bring the country back together.

I’m sure he won’t spew the hate that Trump did causing the biggest divide the USA has ever witnessed.  Who knows, maybe for whatever reason, the USA could have a non-white female President soon too. Now there’s a thought!

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Mike Senker

Grumpy Old Man Mike Senker provokes laughter and some groans with his spot on observations of life in the modern age.


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