BBC censor “A Fairy Tale of New York” the Christmas classic by the Pogues

Sometimes the double standards and pure unadulterated hypocrisy of the BBC simply defies the imagination. They have now decided to censor ‘A Fairy Tale of New York’, the longtime Christmas classic by the Pogues – in case it upsets its younger listeners.

What a load of pure and utter codswallop. This is the same company that gives airtime to the mind numbing rap performers, who’s lyrics often glorify the very worst the youth of today has to offer.

To be quite honest, I have always thought the lyrics of ‘Fairytale’ were a little on the strong side; but if it does need to be censored or banned, I suggest that the BBC gets its priorities right and starts restraining some of the so called ‘music’ that promotes the gang cultures and other mind numbing rubbish that is corrupting our young and destroying all their sense of common decency and respect.

Basically what the BBC are telling its ‘younger listeners’ is that it’s ok to promote drugs and murder, but not ok to talk about ‘faggots in a drunk tank’. Neither sentiment is particularly endearing, but given the choice it’s a no brainer.

Mind you, we’d better tread carefully here, heaven forbid we should ‘upset’ anyone! This next observation comes under the ‘just when you thought you’d heard it all’ heading. A bunch of illegal immigrants, who recently landed in the Balearics, have gone on hunger strike! They complained that they were not allowed to ‘come and go’ in the hotel in which they were ensconced.

Apparently, since their arrival, there had also been allegations of theft and hostility toward staff – with one immigrant complaining that his room didn’t have a sea view! Doesn’t this just show the contempt these entitlement refugees have for those in the West and in particular the UK? These people come from cultures whose morals and standards were exceeded by the ours centuries ago.

Most of them will never integrate or bring anything of value to our way of life. You don’t bring people like this up to your standards; they drag you down to theirs; defecating in the street for example! The snowflakes that condone our liberal immigration policies never come near these illegals in real life.

The closest the privileged politicians and their cronies come to mixing with different cultures is with individuals that are already themselves privileged. It is the ordinary men and woman in the street that are forced to experience the bewildering change and culture upheaval as their localities are taken over and subsequently altered forever by the thousands of total strangers they are expected (often by law), to live and integrate with.

Well, I’ve always maintained it would all end in violence, but with the lily livered PC politicians selling out to Saudi money, I think the battle is already lost.  There is one bright spark on the horizon however. Apparently we have now beaten the flu virus. This year reported flu cases are down by a staggering 98%. Now there’s a surprise!

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    • Jeff Wilcox

      28 November 2020 • 02:41

      We live in a world of evidence, endless evidence until we are sick being told what a mess the world is in. We are sick of the complaining. But it all ends in a fishtail. Nothing is done to remedy or alleviate problems or adverse anti-social behaviour. Nothing is done to retain and maintain the standards and virtues of our precious civilisation.
      We have to dump democracy and dump PC and with it academia and take the gloves off. We have got to start fighting for real. So stop telling us what is wrong Leapy, we know that. Come up with a remedy. Raise and inspire forces to protect what we stand for. Don’t keep raising problems come up with solutions.

    • Matt

      28 November 2020 • 14:03

      Great to have solutions but to find the solutions people have to be aware of the problems. I believe that Leapy is doing a good job of highlighting said problems that others are blind to or just refuse to acknowledge even exist.

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