Another conspiracy theory

I think I’m losing track of the plot. Correct me if I’m wrong (and I KNOW you will) but didn’t we get all excited a few weeks ago with the announcement that the Brits had developed a new vaccine which was cheap, had a 90% success rate and could be stored at normal fridge temperatures?

Since it has been announced that the British government has decided to purchase the Pfizer concoction, which is not only more expensive, but has to be preserved at -70 degrees it appears our British vaccine is ‘still having trials’ and only a success rate of 62% to 90%!

I actually did think there appeared to be skullduggery afoot, but with the announcement that the UK version will be available from next week and the Queen is one of the first volunteers, I suppose a bit of revenue will be coming the Brits way after all.

Ah well. I will probably have the ‘fix’ when it becomes available. When you get to my age, ‘long term effects’ don’t have quite so much prevalence as they did in days of yore! What I did find even more disconcerting was some other information I received recently.

What about this for a hackle raiser? I quote. ‘The Chinese biological laboratory in Wuhan is owned by Glaxo, which by ‘chance’ owns Pfizer. Glaxo, also by chance, is managed by Black Rock Finances. Black Rock manages the finances of the Open Foundation Company (THE SOROS FOUNDATION!).

‘Coincidently,’ Soros also owns the German company Winterthur who, strictly by ‘chance,’ built the Chinese laboratory in Wuhan, which was bought by the German Allianze which ‘coincidently’ has Vanguard as a shareholder, who are also shareholders of Black Rock’. (Are your eyes glazing over yet!?).

Black Rock controls the Central Banks, about ONE THIRD of global investment capital and ‘incidentally’ is a major shareholder of Microsoft. Microsoft is, of course the property of Bill Gates, who just happens to be a shareholder of Pfizer and is also currently the first sponsor of The World Health Organization!

Are you beginning to get the picture? If not, don’t bother, it’s actually another ‘conspiracy’ theory. More fake news, which is full of the half-truths and outright fantasy that unfortunately riddles the social media in this day and age.

These posts are not only damaging and misleading, but are a complete an utter waste of time and energy. They can also be quite dangerous when gobbled up and spread among the more gullible who want us to believe everything they read!

I see the mealy mouthed Nicola Sturgeon has had the wind taken out of her sails by the EU, who stated last week that it was extremely unlikely that an independent Scotland would ever be considered by them for membership.

Well of course it wouldn’t. Time to wake up to this incompetent woman’s politics of hatred and go forward together. I for one would hate to see a physical border and passports coming between me and the homeland of my many Scottish friends. After all, I am their favorite Sassenach DJ!

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