Marbella Now #MN287

MONDAY 07.12.2020

To hear a dedicated professional share her sorrow at dealing with the covid virus in the care home where she works and within her own family makes for a heart-warming interview with Victoria Herrero of CK La Quinta.

Sorana of the Biomagnestimo Clinic in Marbella explains concisely the causes of bloating and how magnets can eliminate the problem by treating the source and not the symptoms. (It certainly worked for me).   She also has an extensive knowledge of various alternative therapies so I’ve invited her back on a more regular basis to help us better understand the other options available to us.

TUESDAY 08.12.2020

Our CIT Marbella guest of the week is a charming young man, Hugo Fernández, part of the team at the In One Clinic. They specialise in physiotherapy, osteopathy and podiatry, understanding that a holistic approach to healing is fundamental and he eloquently explains why in his interview.

Also fascinating to watch is Kevin of The Claddagh. This fun Irish bar is all decked out for Christmas celebrations and is a consolidated favourite with our locals and a Zero Hero partner, supporting our community in as many ways as they can. It’s up to us to do likewise, particularly following this “plea” to pop in, even if only to have “just the one” J

WEDNESDAY 09.12.2020

Thanks to the introduction by personal trainer Luke Hill I was contacted by Isabel van Zuilen. Isabel has launched “My Bubbly Pop” which promotes how to enjoy a full and fun filled non-alcoholic life on the Costa del Sol. Not only does this fit in nicely with our Zero Hero incentive, Isabel is a delight to chat with and clearly needs no booze to keep her spirits up (pun intended).

We then go over with my camera to Casa Tua where the very same Luke Hill organised a charity luncheon in aid of Triple A animal rescue centre. Catherine & Adriano who own this lovely restaurant also need our support, again, more than ever, which should be easy if you want to eat out as the food was absolutely delicious!

They also signed up to be #ZeroHero partners and over 2000 euros was raised between just 30 people. A clear example that we are #BetterTogether and any gathering can be in part in benefit of any charity; Luke only thought to do this event as he adopted a dog from Triple A and shows his gratitude each year by doing “something”.

THURSDAY 10.12.2020

Johannes Schumacher proudly explains the process behind the Nobel Prize winning cancer treatment he makes available from his clinic Immucura Med in Marbella. Obviously with such high recognition this innovative approach is well worthy of consideration if needs be.

FRIDAY 11.12.2020

Wilmar Bliek heads up the Club Nederlandse Costa del Sol. He’d love more Dutch speakers to get involved with the association that helps keep everyone informed and also publishes a bimonthly magazine called The Flying Dutchman! Once involved with the oil business he also spills a few of the beans regarding environmental consequences!!!

Written by

Nicole King

One of Marbella's most glamorous residents, Nicole King offers a taste of the best of what's going on in the Costa del Sol.