Do you mind?

THESE words are often spoken so flippantly. How often do we stop to take a moment to even know what’s on our minds and how we feel about it? If we do take the time to think about it and the outcome is not optimum or positive, we tend to keep those feelings to ourselves. Out of sight, out of mind?

Taking a positive attitude on life is essential, but not always easy. It takes effort, which means always keeping the objective ‘in mind.’ We are quick to talk about things that ail us but if it’s anything to do with our state of mind not being at its best there has always been some sort of stigma related to it. Hopefully we’re improving in this respect because that’s utter nonsense.

We all have too much on our minds and until recent events many of us have gone through our days and our obligations to our children and work mindlessly. Getting things done and getting through the day without much thought of how we would have liked to live that day.

Now that everything has changed and we all face new challenges we all have to really consider the things that are worthy of having on our minds: the things that truly matter when it all comes down to ‘it’; and above all the people that matter.

It’s very hard to know what we do want in this lifetime and it certainly seems much easier to identify what we don’t want as we tend to spend a lot of time discussing it. In fact people like to hear the bad news, we seem to revel in it.

If only therefore we could keep in mind that as far as we know we are all energy and vibration, we’d realise that logically, if we concentrate on the negative aspects of life, we will vibrate on a low frequency; which isn’t exactly a joyous one. Like attracts like.

Adverse things happen, to us all, but if we wallow in them they only get worse. Starting off our day mindfully with positive intentions will help keep things in perspective. A quick run through our plans for the day ahead, envisioning the things we will accomplish and the fun things we’ll do, anticipating everything going the way we want it to, can’t hurt us and only takes a few moments.

For some the concept that we can change our lives by changing our attitude seems silly, but many scientists go as far as to say that our whole existence depends on our thoughts, feelings and emotions. As there are no prizes for proving them wrong and in the eventuality that they may be right, we could all decide to have a great day, regardless of what may come up, if we set the intention and then keep it in mind.

Let me know how it goes!!

Much love, hugs, health and happiness for you all!

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Written by

Nicole King



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