Making fortunes from Covid!

I’m getting some annoying emails at the moment. Not from annoyed readers I must add. My post here is usually very nice. No, these are from large companies. British Airways, for instance, has just informed me that if I don’t use my Avios points I will lose them.

How am I meant to use them? I can’t go anywhere! They say I can gift them to a family member or friend but the family member has to live in the same house and if not you have to pay and it’s €110 for 10,000 points. Remember, a sandwich and a drink costs 1,000 points!

Anyway it’s just never an easy thing but my main point is why should I lose them if I can’t use them? Years ago I lost 750,000 American Airlines miles because, after I retired, I just couldn’t use them in time.

That hurt and they were not interested in even discussing it. I’ve also got a few emails from hotel chains I use telling me that I need to do this or that to maintain my membership level. I feel a few ‘phone calls coming on as I have nothing else to do.

It really annoys me how big companies just do these things. My mobile ‘phone provider has just upped my monthly payment by €3 per line with no explanation. They will definitely get a call even though they have the most annoying blaring music when on hold.

Watched Matt Hancock on TV the other morning and once again just could not believe the asswipe could not answer a very simple question with a yes or no answer. He was asked the same question 9 times and just refused. If that was me I’d just cut him off and end the interview.

My daughter is here but leaving Saturday. She’s just returned from having a Covid test even though it’s just been announced the UK Government has changed the day the test comes into effect.

She went to pay for the test, in a private clinic, with her credit card and they asked if she could pay in cash. Hmmm wonder why they wanted readies! Answers on a post card to ‘TOO MANY PEOPLE MAKING FORTUNES OUT OF COVID!!’ So far it’s cost her over €300 this trip to be repeatedly tested for an illness she has never had any symptoms for.

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