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traveling around Europe

Q.- My wife and I are British subjects. We have been traveling around Europe for the last three years, simply as tourists. We have no wish to register as resident anywhere, especially not where that will give us a taxation obligation. I assume that British subjects can still visit as tourists to Spain?

We last arrived in Spain 4 ½ months ago and have been pretty much locked down since then. We now wish to travel to London to get Covid vaccinations, and then go from London to Dubai and back to Spain. Having been vaccinated, will we be allowed back into Spain before driving to Portugal? We will have spent less than 90 days from the beginning of the year in Spain. Will we have any problem entering Portugal? Thank you for any clarification.

S.L. (by email)

A.- Your 90-day stay in Spain is not based on the calendar year.  It is 90 days in a 180-day period.  You have already exceeded that limit. Further, this is an EU rule so you should not be allowed to enter another EU country, like Portugal, until you have been absent from the entire EU for 90 days.

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