Getting to know you

Getting to know you

Have you ever stopped to wonder how many people really know you? Have you ever wondered how little you really know about others?

In a small interdependent community like Marbella not getting to know one another better could be a mistake. There is so much we can do for one another without even realising it and with little or no effort.

Lack of communication or incomplete communication can cause many misunderstandings; often simply because we didn’t take the time to get to know the person and appreciate not just their message but also their intention.

Obviously we can’t all get on with everyone but, if we are open to the possibility that there may be more than just a “how can you help me” philosophy, we all might be better served.

How often do we network or meet people and can’t wait to tell them about our ideas, our plans, our needs, often then not having “the time” to hear their news or needs? We often dismiss those that are seemingly of no interest without a second thought; because we’re all so busy, and all so important? Ironically we all have more in common than we think and are clearly more inter-reliant than we thought too.

By definition getting to know someone entails spending time with him or her to learn what he or she are like. Now most of us have more time; let’s use it wisely.  Even if we have to keep our distances, thanks to technology we can still connect, if we choose to.

I think I’ve mentioned previously that I got to know many people that I supposedly already “knew” via our Zoom interviews during lockdown.  For the first time we had the time to chat before and after the recording; the interview was no longer the only mission.

Last week I had the opportunity to get to know Humberto and his wife Noelia Thames when recording my show at El Gaucho. I mainly chose their restaurant as it is a #ZeroHero venue.   I have met them both on several occasions and although they were charming I still knew nothing about them.

Thanks to the interviews and then the decision to stay on for lunch, with another of my guests, the inimitable interior designer Susana Urbano, that is no longer the case. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Susana (my CIT Marbella guest of the week) and I think you will also enjoy the “up close and personal” interviews with them airing this week (MN291).

Other things to watch out for in Marbella Now this week is my visit to the Sisters Taperia Art in the Los Naranjos shopping centre and a chat with Ross of The Hogan Stand, who already anticipated having to close the restaurant as of Wednesday. The good news is that he confirmed you can now get take away and home delivery, even for Sunday lunch; now isn’t that nice to know?!

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Nicole King

One of Marbella's most glamorous residents, Nicole King offers a taste of the best of what's going on in the Costa del Sol.