Angela Merkel Could Face Criminal Charges Over Germany’s Vaccine Disaster

German Lockdown Extended By Three Weeks

German Lockdown Extended By Three Weeks image: twitter

ANGELA MERKEL Could Face Criminal Charges Over Germany’s Vaccine Disaster says a criminal law professor

Volker Erb, a criminal law professor at Johannes Gutenberg University, in Germany believes Chancellor Angela Merkel and Jens Spahn, her Health Minister, may have committed criminal offences of bodily harm and manslaughter, in their failure to secure sufficient supplies of the Covid-19 vaccine for the country.

Like all the other 27 EU member states, Germany decided to delegate vaccine purchase to the EU, allegedly not placing their order until three months after the UK had, and now, vaccine company AstraZeneca has announced they have to cut back on supplies for the first quarter due to not having enough stock at their Belgian factory.

Under the terms of the current pandemic, senior german politicians have legal immunity preventing any prosecutions being brought against them, but, apparently, the German parliament, the Bundestag could lift that restriction if they wanted to.

Mr Erb said according to the Frankfurter Rundschau it is “generally recognised that public officials in the context of their area of responsibility have criminal obligations to avert violations of legal interests”.

He added, “For government politicians who have taken an oath of office to avert harm to the German people, hardly anything else can apply in the face of an existential and life-threatening disaster situation”, with data showing Germany has so far vaccinated just three out of every 100 people in the country.


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    • Naimah Yianni

      04 February 2021 • 11:00

      Ridiculous. Have you seen the reports from all over the world (including Gibraltar) about the number of people having adverse reactions and even dying after being vaccinated? Or the numbers of people who test positive for covid after having the vaccine? Many elderly people in care homes are dying after having the vaccines and it´s getting hushed up.

      Consider this – because of the stupid WHO organisation guidelines, people who die within 28 days of testing positive for covid are recorded as Covid deaths, even if the person had cancer or was run over by a bus. Clearly the figures are hugely inflated because of this.

      On the other hand, anyone dying within a short period of having a covid vaccine is not put down as a covid vaccine death, they are put down as having died of natural causes or whatever the comorbidity was that they had.

      Can´t you see the huge double standard here?

      These vaccines are still officially in the experimental stage and authorities are not being honest about what is happening. We are being experimented on with a vaccine (actually the vaccines do not meet the legal definition of vaccines) that trigger gene changes in the body and which use stabilising ingredients that have caused huge side effects previously and in some cases which have never been used before and therefore the effects are unknown.

      There is a big cover up going on and the billion dollar pharmaceutical industry have been given carte blanche as they will not be held liable for vaccine injuries caused by covid vaccines. That´s even if anyone actually admits that there are injuries

    • Mike Fuengirola

      04 February 2021 • 17:18

      Naimah Yianni… I think you need to sit down, take a deep breath and relax… then go and find some real information regarding people dying and having adverse reactions after being vaccinated! I do understand it is easy for people to get their heads around the current situation and not everyone who is running things has been right but that would be expected during something such as the current COVID situation as this has never happened before where there has been a hyped up MSM and SM that constantly try to keep people interested in their channels by scaring the public with false, misguided and even deliberate twist facts and information along with supplying information from so called experts while many naive and gullible members of the public get strung along! On the adverse reaction side, many people get adverse reactions from vaccinations, this is quite normal and generally these are quite mild but rarely fatal. Having listed to many people, some I even know some have had mild reactions to having to go to bed for 2 days but if you do some research you will find this can be quite normal with all vaccinations. People dying from the vaccine, where have you heard this… on SM and the Euro weekly? If this were the case believe me it would be all over the MSM while governments would have stopped vaccinations… is tat the case? No it isn’t! Are people really that gullible that they think every government in the world is working together to kill you or have many people die from getting a vaccine and not say anything? Oh dear… and then they say that democracy is a good idea! lol

      • Mike Fuengirola

        04 February 2021 • 17:22

        Please excuse gramatical errors, must have got a crumb stuck under the comma! 😉

      • John Smith

        04 February 2021 • 18:04

        As far as I can recall, Euro Weekly News has not suggested that people have died due to the vaccine. It is factual that some people who have died have taken the vaccine but there is no proof that that was the cause of death.

        • felipe

          05 February 2021 • 17:33

          Leepy Lee has in his column with about 23 deaths…

    • Mike

      04 February 2021 • 18:33

      Just a “Law Professor” looking for his 15 minutes of fame. Oh, and Naimah Yianni, gobuy some tin foil and spend your time better by making a hat!

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