Netanyahu Reportedly Not Happy That Joe Biden Hasn’t Called Him Yet

NETANYAHU Reportedly Not Happy That Joe Biden Hasn’t Called Him Yet three weeks after his inauguration

Three weeks after his inauguration, President Joe Biden has still not made any call to the Prime Minister of Isreal, Benjamin Netanyahu, and he is apparently not happy about the situation, so much so that he asked Israel’s former ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon, to send a message via Twitter to the President.

Mr Danon now heads up World Likud, the global arm of Netanyahu’s party, and today (Wednesday 10) he tweeted Biden at the Oval Office, pointing out that he has already called the leaders of many other countries, but not Israel.

The number that Danny Danon added in the tweet is in fact listed on the Israeli Ministry Of Foreign Affairs website, but any calls to it receive a message “Please check the number and dial again”.

Mr Netanyahu said about President Biden on Monday “He is making calls to world leaders according to the order he sees fit. He has not reached the Middle East yet. The Israel-US alliance is strong and so is our friendship of almost 40 years, though we may not agree on everything”.

A reply was received from the tweet, but not from the White Huse, instead, it came from David Aaron Miller, who is a former state department Middle East analyst, now at the Carnegie Endowment, saying, “Memo to all interested parties. A call will come. But a clear message is being sent. Netanyahu was Trump’s 3rd call. To quote Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore”.

Writing in Israel’s Haaretz newspaper, Yossi Melman wrote, “Biden and his aides aim to tell Netanyahu: You’re nothing special, you’re not an only child. The personal connection and chemistry you had with Donald Trump not only fail to advance your standing in Washington, they’re an obstacle”.


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Chris King

Originally from Wales, Chris spent years on the Costa del Sol before moving to the Algarve where he is a web reporter for The Euro Weekly News covering international and Spanish national news. Got a news story you want to share? Then get in touch at [email protected]


    • sean

      11 February 2021 • 10:53

      I would say its pretty damn obvious what is going on here:

      9/11 (+ the greatest gold heist in history) – used to start curbing individual rights across the world
      Illegal wars carried out on the back of the “so called” war on terror so the China PROXY can swallow up the middle east for its fossil fuels and its gold
      2008 More theft from the west, then directly transferred to China.
      2009 Failed attempt to create pandemic
      2011 Failed attempt to create pandemic
      2020 COVID 19 – individual liberties and small business being crushed / murder of the elderly (the ones that remember what really happened in the 2 world wars..)
      2021 Klaus Schwab and crew dictating to the West on behalf of the usual suspects that are complicit in all these atrocities. Israel now being targeted as these miscreants shaft the west and hide behind both Russia and China to save theire pathetic failed fiat ponzi scheme.

      Rothschilds anyone?

      Its time this BS ended..

    • Naimah Yianni

      11 February 2021 • 11:00

      Netenyahu is another politician who should be in jail, not in parliament. Not content with taking handouts of 38 billion dollars from the USA when the US can´t feed or medically treat it´s own population, he still wants to be treated like some sort of global royalty. He needs to stop throwing his toys out of his pram and shut up.

    • edgar wright

      11 February 2021 • 13:47

      What a lot of b******t, the flat earth society makes more sense to its believers.


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