Happy Birthday Ms Bipolar!

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A year ago I had a catch up with Michel – owner of Euro Weekly Newspaper but most importantly a friend – my fairy godmother.

We sat down and put  the world to rights. Michel offered me the opportunity to write a column piece every week,talking about Bipolar Disorder & Mental Health from someone who deals with this disorder on a daily basis.

Michel has seen me at my lowest but also celebrated my biggest achievements in life. She has a sixth sense with me and has done for the last 10 years of our friendship.

She knows when to call me, because she can sense I need a friendly voice, but she also knows when I need my space to deal with things.

I have many, many thoughts  and I like to think many of them are good but sometimes they are dark.. And, being a columnist, these many thoughts  translate into articles, which have not only helped me over the last year, but also my readers that have followed me on this journey.

I’ve  had letters from scared and confused women, I’ve had letters for men who are lost and don’t know how to handle this disorder. I’ve had worried family members reading my articles and understanding their loved ones Mental Health better, my experiences resonating with their daughters, sons, grandchildren.

That being said – I have many ups & downs and find it very hard to stick at something to see it through.

Bipolar or not, finishing things  involves delayed gratification. There is immediate gratification when you start a something  (yay, another brilliant idea for an article!) but then you have to crave the gratification and reward that comes at the end of the task or job to actually complete it.

In other words, starting a job  feels good but then you have to put work into it (which doesn’t necessarily feel good) in order to feel good again once the job is  complete is very hard!

I have never been very good at sticking at things – ever! But hopefully my stories, my experiences and my thoughts have helped you or your loved one feel that little less lonely!

You aren’t alone – you are not weird – you are not the only one who feels things so deeply. There are more of us out that are just like you and me, and together we will get through this.

Love Ms Bipolar X

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