Nobody is 100 per cent sure

I’VE tried to keep away from writing about Covid because there seems to be so many different views. I am more inclined to follow the science than the conspiracy theories but, having said that, there are so many different opinions that it’s hard to know what to believe. I constantly see figures of people dying with Covid. The interesting thing here is the use of the word ‘with’ and not ‘of’.

The whole situation of whatever you have or had is irrelevant if you tested positive for Covid 28 days prior to dying of say cancer or heart failure. You, according to the statistics, died of Covid. So I find that confusing.

Then there’s the daily updates where the experts kind of answer prepared questions. The problem here is the answers, a lot of the time, are “if this happens, then we expect that might cause this to happen”.  So the ‘could’, ‘might’, ‘we think’, ‘it’s possible’ etc is all just a bit of guesswork.

I must emphasise I am not anti-vaccine. I have my flu and pneumonia jabs every year. I love a pill and I’m quite happy to inject myself every day with my insulin. What I am is anti being forced to have something I’m not entirely sure has been tested enough.

France and Germany are now saying the ‘vaccine’ has not been tested enough on folks in my age group. Why don’t they give it to all the youngsters first? After all, they are the ones that are out and about wanting to party and mix. Most of us oldies are at home a lot more anyway.  What’s the point of giving it to us first?

But what I really don’t like is seeing that, if you don’t have the vaccine, some are suggesting you could be segregated, might not get a job or be able to use trains, buses, supermarkets or aeroplanes. Spain will keep a register of those who decline the jab which will, they say, be confidential. If it’s confidential why do you need a register?

Remember, nobody actually 100 per cent knows what the vaccine is going to do long-term. Vaccinated or not you may still get and possibly spread the virus. Plus, how will you differentiate between people who have and people that haven’t? I know, let’s make them wear an armband or badge – maybe even tattoo a membership number on their arm!!!!

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