Divide and conquer

Divide and conquer

MEETING UP: With Lily van Tongeren of Triple A, Marbella.

It’s not a new thing for us to be at odds with one another; we all have an opinion and with everything that’s going on, more than likely a conflictive or polemic one.

Even within my close circle of friends the disparity of convictions, not opinions, convictions, is actually a bit mind blowing; myself included.  People I’ve known for years have “taken sides” and formulated conclusive and definitive opinions on so many things; things that when it comes down to it, we could concede, we actually know very little about, even though we thought we did.  Things are rarely as they seem and are based on how they are presented to us.

An easy example is “Brexit”; how many things seemed to be true that have turned out to be incorrect and now we’re learning of more factors daily that were not even discussed over the past years; conveniently perhaps?

I only point this out in the hope of us taking a step back to analyse whether sharing these points of view is even worth our time.  If we intend to actually do something about it, then by all means, go for it.

The same goes for giving an opinion: unless specifically asked for or a life or death situation; better to say nothing.  This is perhaps the hardest thing to do; put our egos aside and not have to add our point of view or how we could have done it better.

Like attracts like; so what is it that we really like?  Do we actually like putting others down, ridiculing them for having a different opinion, for having an open, or closed, mind?  Most geniuses were those who dared break the mould and stand out from the crowd; following their inner convictions, regardless of the masses.

We all count for something and have something to add; we just need to take more time perhaps to listen to what others have to say; whether we agree or not; it might just strike a chord or bring an opportunity in a way we never anticipated.

Undeniably even people with similar backgrounds and situations can have very contrary opinions; again Brexit being an obvious example, or whether to wear a mask or not.  Even so, whether it is the UK leaving the EEC or greater challenges for society due to the covid situation, we cannot let our differences divide us; we’ll only conquer this together.  We are #BetterTogether.

With this in mind, join me to keep up with what’s going on in #MarbellaNow on RTV Marbella, weekdays at 3pm – it’s nice to know what others think and how they’re handling the current situation.

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Much love; hugs, health and happiness

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Nicole King

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