Can he work in the garden?

Can he work in the garden?

Our apartment is on a large urbanisation. We live on the ground floor.  Since we owned it the gardeners have worked minimal time in our part of the gardens. 

Our part of the gardens seldom looks attractive whereas the rest of the estate does.  We have complained many times but nothing changes. I started working in OUR part of the gardens and improved it a lot.

Now I am told that I am not permitted to work in the gardens anymore, one of the reasons being that I was not insured, I do not use machinery here only my own hand tools. So I would like to know whether I am breaking the actual law by working part time in our garden to keep it in good order?

P.C. (by email)

A.- You yourself are not breaking any law but the administrator and president of your community would be in violation of the law if they allowed a person who is not an employee and therefore not insured to work in the garden.

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