Hypocrisy is the worst offence of all

Hypocrisy is the worst offence of all

BLACK LIVES MATTER: However, I wonder, is it only certain black lives that matter?

So hundreds of young African boys have been kidnapped in Nigeria, I wonder what fate awaits these poor innocents? Ransom, death, slavery?

The last time this happened was a couple of years ago, when over three hundred schoolgirls were kidnapped from another school in that unfortunate country. Despite ransoms being paid, over a hundred still haven’t been returned.

It’s a fairly safe bet to assume they have found their way into the hands of traffickers or sex slave traders. So where’s all the outcry from the BLM and ‘wokers’.

Where all the hysteria and recriminations of the UK government for not DOING something? Is it only certain black lives that matter? Too far away to bother about? Not really.

When you consider the furor surrounding George Floyd in America, the difference in the distance from the UK is a mere couple of thousand miles or so. Nothing at all in these days of travel and instant communication.

No it’s all too selective for my liking. When you consider black society in America preferring to be called African Americans and those in the UK constantly referring to their African heritage, you truly would think there would be some kind of outcry for the country of their ancestors.

Hypocrisy is what it’s called; in my opinion one of the worst offences of all. Anyway I was delighted to see that several clubs, including Brentford have discontinued the racist provoking ‘knee’ at their football matches.

I think it would be an idea for other teams to take note. When the fans are allowed back, I believe they’ll find they have no choice! It is racial instigating nonsense and causing far more unrest than it quells, the sooner it is outlawed the better.

It was brought to my attention last week that people of BAME (black asian and minority ethnic) backgrounds, accounted for more than 26% of all on screen TV presentations – despite representing just 12% of the population.

Interestingly, there are however only 5% of minorities working on the production side. Is it not beyond the realms of possibility, that by casting a whole glut of ethnic actors ‘on camera,’ those of the profession involved in off camera activities, i.e. production and executive management etc., are protecting their own corridors of power?

After all how can they be accused of any racism or ethnic exclusion if they are able to point out the high numbers of minority performers they are casting on screen? Just a thought.

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