Malaga Port Opens Tender for New Marina

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Port of Malaga. Image: Wikimedia

MALAGA port has opened up a tender to find a company to build a new marina.

The Port of Malaga has announced it has opened up the tender for the new marina.
The San Andres marina will have capacity for at least 503 boats, of which 350 would be up to 12 metres in length, 150 between 12 and 30 metres and two would be greater than 30 metres.
The marina will also have a sailing school, yacht club, and restaurants.
The company will have the right  over a surface area of ​​the water surface on the right bank of the mouth of the Guadalmedina river of 93,938 square metres, as well as a land area in the San Andres area of 20,358 metres.
The tender shows that the marina will also have to include commercial premises, including those for catering, trade specialised in the nautical sector, and small auxiliary trade of 3,000 square metres.
The marina will also include warehouses and workshops for the docking area with an operating area of ​​around 10,000 square metres.
Interested companies will have three months to submit their proposals.
The news comes after it was announced the area Pier One, which had until recently been home to smaller yachts, has now been cleared ready for work to start on a megayacht marina in Malaga’s port area.
Works to create the marina will include building two breakwaters to prevent motion within the marina, one measuring 30 metres long and the other 50 metres long.
Once complete, the marina will be able to host up to 31 yachts of between 30 and 100 metres in length, while a 745 square metre building will also be opened to serve as a reception and services building.
A luxury restaurant is also planned in a building in the area.