Cataluña Confirms No Masks on Beaches

Cataluña Confirms No Masks on Beaches

Cataluña Confirms No Masks on Beaches. Image: Wikimedia

CATALUNA has confirmed it will not require mask wearing on its beaches.

Officials in Cataluña have confirmed that visitors will not be required to wear masks on beaches.

Catalan Minister of the Interior, Miquel Samper, said: “When you are sunbathing, you should not wear the mask. But when you get up and interact with someone, you have to keep your distance and wear a mask.”

The news comes after Spain’s central government introduced a new law surrounding face masks making them mandatory in all public spaces.

The law was changed this week to remove the exemption in the previous regulation which meant masks did not have to be worn outdoors if people could stay at least 1.5 metres apart from each other.

The Spanish government said masks will have to be worn in all public spaces even if people can stay 1.5 metres away from each other, which could include beaches and around pools.

However, the next day the government said it would review the law following criticism from across Spain.

While the new law would affect many areas of Spain, Andalucia has had a similar law in effect since last July meaning everyone in public spaces, except those who are exempt for medical or other reasons, already had to wear a mask.

Andalucia’s law had made an exemption for those lying down near beaches and swimming pools however, while Spain’s new law does not, meaning mask wearing is now mandatory even on the beach unless a similar exemption is put in place.

Current fines for being found not wearing a mask begin at €100 and can rise to between €601 and €30,000 for more serious cases.