Expert Claims UK Travel Will Reopen to Spain in July

Expert Claims UK Travel Will Reopen to Spain in July

Expert Claims UK Travel Will Reopen to Spain in July. Image: Wikimedia

AN EXPERT has claimed UK travel to Spain could reopen in July.

The travel expert has said UK travel to Spain could reopen in July, ahead of the announcements by Prime Minister Boris Johnson over holidays.

According to reports, travel consultant Paul Charles told the BBC: “It’s quite clear at the moment which countries are going to be green by next month.

“The likes of islands in the Caribbean, for example, Malta, Gibraltar.”

He also said he believed Spain, France, Portugal and Greece will all be open to British holidaymakers “by early July.”

Speaking about Boris Johnson’s plans for a traffic light system to allow travel, he said: “We’ve been calling for it for some time.

“It will enable consumers to see in advance which country is going to be safer to go to.”

He added: “I don’t agree with the Prime Minister possibly saying don’t book at the moment, I think you can book because most operators and agents offer a refund or a chance to rebook.”

The expert said: “The last thing we want is short notice of change.

“I suspect what the Government’s going to put in place with the traffic light system is a one week notice period, and they update the categories each week.

“Now, for some people that will be fine but clearly if you’re on a two week holiday, then that’s going to be a major barrier.

“So I hope the Government looks at that and works out a consistent and clear way in which consumers are going to find out much earlier if they’re going to have to come home earlier.”

The news comes as the UK is also expected to announce vaccine passports.