The King of Spain’s Nephew Froilán and Niece Victoria Federica, Take Their Easter Holidays In Marbella

King of Spain's Nephews Take Their Easter Holidays In Marbella

The King of Spain's Nephew Froilán and Niece Victoria Federica, Take Their Easter Holidays In Marbella. image: Instagram

The King of Spain’s Nephew Froilán and Niece Victoria Federica, Take Their Easter Holidays In Marbella.

The King of Spain’s Nephew, Froilán and niece Victoria Federica, have once again chosen Marbella in Andalucia to spend their Easter holidays. The pair are already regulars to the millionaire’s playground and the Costa del Sol always attracts them back.

Both young people have been seen hanging around the leisure areas of the city in the Easter holiday where the family normally spends the summer. Froilán has been seen in a restaurant called Los Mellizos and Victoria Federica in a cocktail bar called Tonteo, according to Vanitas.

There is the possibility that they have breached the mobility restrictions, put in place to stop the contagion curve and avoid outbreaks. Andalucia has been in perimeter closure for several weeks and travel from outside the community is ‘supposedly’ not allowed except for special circumstances- i’m sure a holiday in Marbella is not one of them!

Whilst already in the middle of the pandemic, Froilán was photographed recently walking with his friends through the streets of Madrid smoking, without a mask and without respecting safety distances in the middle of the second wave of coronavirus.

Spain’s King Felipe VI struggles to repair the tarnished image of the royal family.

The scandal over the alleged financial irregularities of his father, Juan Carlos I, has been compounded by his sisters’ decision to jump the Covid-19 vaccine line.

When Spain’s emeritus king, Juan Carlos I, abdicated the throne on June 2, 2014, he handed his son Felipe two titles: head of state and head of the Spanish Royal Household, the dynasty of the House of Bourbon.

As head of state, King Felipe VI was forced to deal with the end of Spain’s two-party system, which began to break down with the elections for the European Parliament in May 2014. Since then, the political instability has continued, with Spain holding four general elections between 2015 and 2019.

As head of the Spanish Royal Household, King Felipe has faced different challenges. When he ascended to the throne, the monarch wanted to turn the page on the numerous scandals that had tarnished the image of his father’s reign, in particular, the graft case known as “Nóos,” in which Felipe’s brother-in-law Iñaki Urdangarin and his sister Cristina de Borbón were facing corruption charges.

While Cristina escaped punishment, Urdangarin ended up in prison for embezzlement, among other charges and is still serving his sentence.

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