Group Fight with Machetes Breaks Out in Public Park in Spain’s Madrid

Group Fight with Machetes Breaks Out in Public Park in Spain's Madrid

Group Fight with Machetes Breaks Out in Public Park in Spain's Madrid Credit: Facebook

Group fight with machetes shockingly breaks out in a public park in Spain’s Madrid.

In shocking scenes, a group fight has broken out with machetes in the public park of San Pedro Bautista in Alcorcón in Spain’s Madrid. Shockingly the fights involved over 20 young people and many were seen carrying weapons including machetes.

Sadly, this is not believed to be a unique event as neighbours claim they have been suffering from similar fights for a horrifying amount of time. Neighbours have reported to police that these fights, which possibly involve gangs, have been carrying on for around two years.

In an area that should feel safe for young people to visit, young people have now begun to avoid walking through the park as they fear that they will be attacked by local gangs. In the most recent of these possible gang fights, over 20 youths could be seen fighting. One person is believed to have been slightly injured. The fight even took place in broad daylight.

The rest of the day was marked by National police patrolling the area and checking bushes for weapons that had been discarded by the gangs. One machete retrieved by police was discovered to have traces of blood on it.

The fight broke out over Easter which should have been a time for family and religion and many passers-by who had been in the park at the time that the fight broke out sought refuge at the parish church according to Telemadrid.

As police approached the area with sirens blazing the gangs disappeared into the ether, discarding their weapons in local gardens as they went.

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