Coronavirus and People's Fears of Accessing Healthcare

Coronavirus and People's Fears of Accessing Healthcare

Coronavirus and People's Fears of Accessing Healthcare Credit: Pixabay

CORONAVIRUS and people’s fears of accessing Healthcare.
The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has not only affected people’s health due to the virus but also due to people’s fear in accessing medical care. Many people have refrained from seeing a doctor as they do not want to risk infection from the potentially deadly coronavirus.
Healthcare systems around the world including in Spain and the UK have been massively impacted by the virus, and this has caused a knock-on effect in other areas.
In one example of how the Coronavirus pandemic has affected cancer treatment, Breast Care Now have recently said that thousands of people across the UK could have breast cancer which has gone undiagnosed, due to the ongoing pandemic.
The pandemic has also affected the health of healthcare workers and one Spanish ICU nurse explained how in the space of only a year he had gone from young -looking and healthy to having completely white hair.
The nurse went on to explain how living through the pandemic has felt like decades, the medic said, “it seems like decades have passed”.
In order to help the ongoing fight against cancer the mayor of Almeria, Ramón Fernández-Pacheco has encouraged locals to join in the fight, and enter the Extraordinary National Lottery Draw on Saturday 10 April.
The lottery has joined forces with the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) and will see money donated to a good cause. The mayor explained how, “We cannot forget that cancer is still a disease that affects many families. And now we have the chance to help them while at the same time earning a lot of money.”
President of the AECC in Almería, Magdalena Cantero has explained how the work carried out by the Association, “is a national and international benchmark of an organisation that helps cancer patients and their families”.
In Almeria alone, during 2020 more people died from cancer than as a result of Covid. Magdalena Cantero spoke of how people’s fears have affected them travelling to hospitals amid fear of catching the Coronavirus, and how this has resulted in more tumours going undiagnosed.
Locals have been encouraged to take part in the raffle which seeks to bring equality for those with cancer.

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