Loss of Custody for Playing Too Many Video Games

Loss of Custody for Playing Too Many Video Games

Loss of Custody for Playing Too Many Video Games Credit: Pixabay

LOSS of custody for playing too many video games in Spain.

Many children around the world adore the video games and probably spend far too long playing games sat in front of the TV rather than being outside in the fresh air, but one father has lost custody of his son do to the staggering amount of videogames that he played.

During the ongoingCoronavirus pandemic many children have taken to spending extended hours sat in front of the TV and playing favourite games such as Fortnite. A Judge in Spain has removed custody from a father as it was considered that he allowed his son to spend far too much time playing games.

The Provincial Court of Pontevedra in Galicia has amended the shared custody agreement that had been previously agreed as the judge considered that the boy spent far too much time playing Fortnite, even though the boy had been diagnosed with an addiction to video games.

Custody has now been awarded by the court to the boy’s mother as the videogame addiction had been blamed for a fall in the boy’s academic performance.

The court also found out that the father had been showing a “complete lack of attention” to his son and rather than trying to control the videogame addiction had actively encouraged it by buying him game items. The father had tried to blame the boy’s mother for the academic performance, but the court did not consider this to be the case.

‘El Confidencial’ reported that despite the videogame addiction the boy’s father had allowed videogame play every day even though the boy’s mother had banned games during the week. The father had also allowed his son to open up YouTube and Instagram accounts which would involve spending time online rather than studying.

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