Mayor Praises Nerja's Civil Protection Officers

Mayor Praises Civil Protection Officers

Mayor Praises Civil Protection Officers. Image: Ayuntamiento de Nerja

THE Mayor of Nerja praised Civil Protection officers after they worked to extinguish a fire which left five people trapped.

The Civil Protection Officers were praised by the mayor for their work in Nerja.
The mayor of Nerja, Jose Alberto Armijo, and the delegate of the Andalucian government in Malaga, Patricia Navarro, visited the headquarters of the Local Civil Protection Association to thank them for their work in extinguishing the fire that took place last Thursday in Nerja.
The blaze, which took place in the vicinity of the Torre de Maro, left five people trapped by the flames before emergency workers reached them by sea.
The politicians were accompanied by the Head of the Civil Protection Service and 112 Emergencies of Malaga, Ana Celia Gonzalez, the First Deputy Mayor, Francisco Arce, the Head of the Local Police, Francisco Iranzo, and the Civil Protection Coordinator, Jose Merino, together with the Head of the Group, Antonio Delgado, and volunteers who participated in the extinction of the fire and rescue.
The mayor spoke about, “the trajectory, work and commitment of the Local Civil Protection Association, which currently consists of 40 volunteers, in everything that council, the Local Police or the Civil Guard have asked.”
Ms Navarro said: “Once again it is shown that Civil Protection services are essential to address any type of emergency to guarantee the safety of people.”
She spoke about the commitment of the Junta de Andalucia with the Groups of Civil Protection Volunteers, saying that Nerja received a subsidy of almost €5,000 last year for the purchase of clothing for officers.