Coronavirus Pandemic Eating – Uber Healthy or Pile on the Pounds

Coronavirus Pandemic Eating - Uber Healthy or Pile on the Pounds

Coronavirus Pandemic Eating - Uber Healthy or Pile on the Pounds Credit: Pixabay

Coronavirus Pandemic Eating – Uber Healthy or Pile on the Pounds.

THE Coronavirus pandemic has altered the eating habits of both Spanish citizens and expats in Spain. The pandemic and its ongoing rule changes, restrictions and isolation have meant that many people have piled on the pounds while others have managed to go uber healthy.

The Coronavirus has also affected food prices in many cases as costs have increased and food prices have risen. Healthy eating habits during the pandemic have also boosted sales in some areas and according to José Redruejo, ripener of Plátano de Canarias, sales of the Canary Island banana have increased a staggering 30 to 40 per cent, as reported La Sexta.

One citizen told of how their eating habits have improved during the pandemic and they said “I’ve taken the opportunity to go on a diet”.

Many people have found themselves eating healthier foods throughout the pandemic and dietician Rubén Bravo, spokesman for the European Medical Institute of Obesity has highlighted the fact that “a healthy diet promotes our immune system against problems such as the one we are experiencing now from Covid.” The recommendation is five portions a day of vegetables and fruit.

Many though have found the pandemic difficult and despite best attempts to stay healthy they have found that the pandemic has taken a toll on their eating.

Speaking of how Covid has affected eating habits a concerned expat explained that, “At the beginning of the pandemic staying healthy and eating right was a priority considering being confined to home for months.

“As time progressed this was harder to maintain for me due to the constant changing of rules, in and out of various stages of confinement and the arrival of the winter months. Mentally it was a drain so the comfort eating crept in.”

The pandemic has not only placed physical stress on people but also piled on the mental stress. The EWN reader went on to say, “A person’s mental and physical state are closely linked and will fluctuate with change and we have had plenty of that in the past year. Currently with the warmer weather on the horizon and being allowed a degree of freedom of movement I am finding being healthier less of a challenge.”

The connection between dietary habits and pandemics has been confirmed and according to the Anti-Pandemic Diet,Pandemics are often caused by what we eat and exacerbated by our dietary behavior. This is certainly true when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic we are currently facing.”

Biologist Kevin Olival has spoken out to explain how pandemics can be created by circumstances such as captivity in “wet markets” and said, “the stress of captivity in these chaotic markets weakens the animals’ immune systems and creates an environment where viruses from different species can mingle, swap bits of their genetic code and spread from one species to another.”

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