Rincon de la Victoria Announces Tender to Re-open Cave

Rincon de la Victoria Announces Tender to Re-open Caves

Rincon de la Victoria Announces Tender to Re-open Caves. Image: Ayuntamiento de Rincon de la Victoria

RINCON DE LA VICTORIA Council has announced a tender to find an operator to re-open its Cave.

The council announced the tender to re-open the cave in Rincon de la Victoria.
According to the council, the Councillor for Tourism, Antonio Jose Martin, announced  the tender to find a company to manage the Cueva de la Victoria.
Councillor Antonio Jose Martin said: “The objective is to open to the public, efficiently and appropriately given its scientific and patrimonial importance, the Cueva de la Victoria, as well as providing it with a correct level of quality in the provision of services. The purpose is to reinforce and consolidate one of the main jewels of the municipality next to the Cueva del Tesoro.”
The Mayor of Rincon de la Victoria, Francisco Salado, said: “This council team works so our historical heritage becomes one of the main tourist and cultural claims, and a reference not only in Malaga, but in all of Andalucia and Spain.”
The council said the successful bidder must open the facility, as well as preserve and maintain the facility.
The news comes after an initiative to support local businesses in Rincon de la Victoria has distributed a total of 2,542 vouchers among 1,270 people, benefitting more than 63 businesses.
Shoppers were encouraged to buy locally and were rewarded with vouchers which can be cashed in at local shops and businesses until May 16.
The mayor of Rincon de la Victoria said: “The campaign will generate an economic movement of €100,000 with a direct injection to trade, catering and the service sector of the municipality, in addition to benefiting 1,270 individuals and families who will redeem a total of 2,542 vouchers of €25 each in more than 63 establishments.”
He said the campaign is designed “to continue with the direct aid from the government team have been given to SMEs and self-employed in order to alleviate in some way the consequences of the crisis resulting from the pandemic.”
Councillor for Trade, Maria de la Paz Couto, said it was important to help businesses in the area.