Sanchez Heads to Africa in a Bid to Limit Migration

Sanchez Heads to Africa in a Bid to Limit Migration

Sanchez Heads to Africa in a Bid to Limit Migration Credit: Pixabay

Sanchez Heads to Africa in a Bid to Limit Migration.

IN a bid to limit migration into Spain, Spanish President Pedro Sánchez headed to Africa on a mini tour which will see him visit two African nations. It is hoped that by improving ties with Africa, illegal migration into Spain could be limited as reported Africa.cgtn.

During 2020 over 40,000 people headed from West Africa and Morocco into Spain and many of those did so by taking a risky trip to the Canary Islands on a flimsy boat. Many of these immigrants have risked their lives in order to head to Europe for a better life. It is currently feared that with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic more Africans will be tempted to make the dangerous journey over to Spain.

At this current point in time Spain is holding thousands of migrants in accommodation set up in the Canary Islands and it is hoped that many will return to their home countries voluntarily. Sadly, there have been reports of violence recently.

Only days ago an immigrant camp on the island of Tenerife erupted in violence that was so severe it required the intervention of the National Police. Eight people in all were arrested and over a dozen were left injured when fighting broke out.

A member of the Tenerife Migrants Support Assembly, told 20 minutes, “What happened today – we do not know how it happened, we do know that there are people on hunger strike. They are tired, being there a long time without knowing about their future, and they are in very bad condition, which is why they have been protesting for weeks.”

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