Vet Association Criticises ‘Fake’ Malaga Horse Physiotherapist

Vet Association Criticises ‘Fake’ Horse Physiotherapist

Vet Association Criticises ‘Fake’ Horse Physiotherapist. Image: Wikimedia

A VET association in Malaga has criticised a woman accused of being a fake horse physiotherapist.

The vet association, the Malaga Business Association of Veterinarians (Aemave) criticised the woman after she was accused of working as a fake horse physiotherapist.
According to Spanish newspaper Sur, the Aemave is suing the physiotherapist living in Malaga for treating horses without qualifications.
The body claims the woman has no training to work with horses and says she offered massages and other health services.
According to documentation, the defendant offers physical therapy to horses in exchange for different rates. The complaint states that the woman lacks veterinary training of any kind, despite the fact that she uses machinery and tools specific to the profession.
The letter states that physiotherapy and veterinary rehabilitation in Spain, as a therapy for animal health, “can only and exclusively be prescribed by a veterinarian.”
The association said that any physiotherapy work carried out must be done by veterinary professionals.
The complaint also includes an Opinion of the Permanent Commission of the Council of State, regarding whether equine physiotherapy is the responsibility of the veterinary profession.
This resolution concludes that in Spain the performance of equine physiotherapy is reserved for those who are in possession of an official title that enables them to exercise the profession of veterinarian.