Officials Ask for 5 Years in Prison for Woman Who Assaulted Malaga Doctor

Man Arrested for Installing Hidden Camera in Locker Room

Man Arrested for Installing Hidden Camera in Locker Room. Image: Policia Nacional

OFFICIALS in Malaga are asking for five years in prison for a woman who allegedly assaulted a doctor.

The Malaga Medical Association has asked for five years in prison for the woman, who they say assaulted a doctor.
According to Spanish newspaper Sur, the association and the Prosecutor’s Office agree on a request for 3 years in prison for the crime of assault and two years for the crime of threatening, as well as a fine of €1,350 euros.
The accused denies the charges.
The alleged incident took place when the doctor from the Regional Hospital of Malaga was assaulted by a patient.
The Malaga Medical Union (SMM) said the woman was already leaving the consultation when, “without saying a word”, she began to hit the professional with her bag, as well as pulling her hair.
THE SMM said the patient had been treated and was referred to a specialist.  The body said she was about to leave the office when she started assaulting the doctor.
Antonio Martin, president of the SMM, said the woman also pushed the doctor up against the wall, knocked them over and even threatened to kill them.
Security workers intervened and the doctor was treated for injuries, including scrapes and “a major scratch on her arm.”
The Malaga Regional Hospital said the doctor “is well and has received all the attention from the hospital.”
The woman, who apparently has a criminal record, was detained by the National Police. The SMM has also indicated that when the agents arrived at the hospital, the woman told them that it was her doctor who had attacked her and that she requested an assessment of her.
Both the management of the Regional Hospital of Malaga and the Medical Union have condemned the assault and have called for a protest.