Cash Cartier: From BusBoy to Industry-Leading Entrepreneur

Cash Cartier: From BusBoy to Industry-Leading Entrepreneur

If there is one person who understands the importance of hard work and determination it would be Kaleb Mickens or more formally known as Cash Cartier.
Today, Cash Cartier went from bussing tables as a young 22-year old, to becoming “The King of Network Marketing.” He has completely transformed his life, building a diversified career with experience in a wide variety of fields.
As a self-starter and young entrepreneur who managed to gain such traction in the business world, Cash Cartier has helped hundreds of businesses and individuals to build success through various capital endeavours.
The social media influencer, network marketer, and global public speaker has given insight into his personal history, and how he managed to become a successful business leader and entrepreneur.

The Story of Cash Cartier

At first glance, Cash Cartier doesn’t seem like the type of person who had an opposite life. In a brief discussion, Cash explained how his life was filled with immense hardships that he overcame through perseverance and his ability to garner success in everything he does.
As a young 22-year old, Cash found himself financially struggling, bussing tables at a local restaurant to have extra income. Although he wasn’t always in the position he is today, Cash took a chance on every opportunity that presented itself.
During the same time, Cash Cartier was struck with a great deal of loss and saw three of the most important people to him lose their lives in a car accident. The incident sent Cash spiralling, as he went into a state of mental and financial instability, trying to overcome the loss he had just experienced.
At the time it would’ve seemed as if nothing is possible for Cash, but when a previous mentor, and now business partner brought forth Walking ATMs, a trading platform that educates novice traders, Cash saw a lucrative opportunity to start his career in business. Through many similar entrepreneurial ventures and business deals, Cash has now grown to become one of the top 0.5% of income earners in the ever-growing network marketing industry.

Cash Cartier’s road to success

With a hopeless mindset, and struggling to survive with his busboy paycheck, Cash was left uninspired to take part in anything. When he first started on the Walking ATMs project, Cash was hesitant to invest so much effort, time, and money into something that might never amount to anything. Although it has turned into a great success, Cash had undergone a great deal of loss and adversity to find himself where he is today.
While working with Walking ATMs, Cash started dabbling in the world of stocks and trading. He soon became a full-time day trader, educating himself, and honing his skills. He would soon be able to build success out of day trading, which allowed him to assist businesses and individuals to generate multi-fold revenue streams.
As he built more and more relationships with influential business leaders, he quickly understood the ins and outs of the financial world, which would ultimately lead him to the network marketing industry. After years of experience, and networking with the right people, Cash Cartier was able to generate roughly $4 million annual revenue for his company.
As he is constantly looking for new business endeavours and ways to grow his portfolio, Cash Cartier went from bussing tables, earning minimum wage to growing a global clientele of nearly 3,000 people.

A final take

Although Cash Cartier didn’t enjoy a past filled with many challenges, in every way possible he made these challenges work for him. Today, Cash has become a successful business leader willing to inspire and educate others. His personal life has allowed him to grow out of his hardships, and push forward in unprecedented times.
As a modern-day entrepreneur, and “The King of Network Marketing” we understand that Cash wasn’t always the inspiring person he is today, but reluctant to succeed, he was able to build a career out of a passion. Through network building, and educating himself, we can see Cash soon becoming an inspiration to millions around the world.
For more information on Cash Cartier, follow his Instagram or visit his YouTube Channel.

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