Woman Left Disabled in Marbella After Jumping from Window to Escape Partner

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Image - Jelger

A woman in Marbella has been left disabled after she allegedly jumped from a window to escape her partner after he threatened her with a knife.

THE Marbella woman was left disabled after she jumped out of a window to get away from her partner.
According to Spanish newspaper Sur, the woman allegedly jumped out of the window of the couple’s home in Marbella when her partner threatened to kill her with a knife.
Prosecutors are now accusing the man of attempted murder after the woman was left disabled from her injuries.
They are asking for 10 years in prison for the man, as well as nearly half a million Euros in compensation for his victim.
The incident took place in 2018 after the couple had been together for 17 years.
Prosecutors say the defendant began to insult the woman, accusing her of stealing drugs from him at the home they shared in Marbella.  Lawyers say the man then hit his partner before threatening her with a large knife and saying he would kill her.
They say the woman jumped out of the window to escape, landing on the road below where she was helped by bystanders.
The woman was taken to the Costa del Sol Hospital, before being transferred to the Virgen del Rocio hospital in Sevilla and then the San Juan de Dios hospital and being left disabled.
Prosecutors are asking the magistrates of the Provincial Court who will judge this case to convict the man as the perpetrator of a crime of attempted murder and to impose a sentence of 10 years in prison.
They also call for the defendant to pay nearly half a million Euros to his victim, while a private prosecution is asking for €700,000.