Spanish Rail Operator Renfe To Lower Fares For The Summer

Renfe Adds Another Seven AVE Córdoba-Madrid Trains

Renfe Adds Another Seven AVE Córdoba-Madrid Trains. image: Renfe

Spanish Rail Operator Renfe To Lower Fares For The Summer.

SPANISH Rail Operator Renfe has announced it will lower the rates for the AVE and long-distance trains throughout the summer. Renfe scraps its previous 148 rates and comes down to just three, the new simpler rates and discounts apply for seniors, families and young people.

The operator said it will purchase the adjoining seat for 70 per cent of the price to ensure that it is empty in a bid to satisfy any concerns over social distancing due to the pandemic. Starting in June, Renfe will offer simpler rates with lower starting prices.

The president of Renfe,  Isaís Táboas, explained that this new system – matching that of aviation – will also solve the problem that many people now face who cannot apply the discounts to which they are entitled to in the lowest rates.

Thus, as of June, those over 60 years old (with their Gold Card), families or young people will be able to apply their discounts on the best price they can find, not just on the highest rates as was before.

The objective of the scheme is to attract more price-sensitive segments of the population and of course to increase the occupancy of their trains, which now ranges from an average of 85 per cent at peak hours to 35 per cent at times of low occupancy.

In general, a person can save up to 75 per cent compared to the initial rate, compared to the current maximum of 70 per cent, especially on ‘off-peak’ days and hours. Holders of a Gold Card will carry on to enjoy a 25 per cent discount, with their average discounts now amounting to 36 per cent. As of June, that discount will be worth 49 per cent, the same will happen with children (40 per cent discount) and young people (30 per cent).

The new system establishes three ticket options: Basic (the cheapest), Choose (the most flexible) and Premium, (all-inclusive), which can be customised with additional services. Renfe already offers the possibility of buying one-year tickets, which will be added to the new system- managers hope to encourage advance purchases of these lucrative tickets as much as possible.

Source: rtves

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