Velez-Malaga Discusses Pedestrianising Calle Canalejas

Velez Malaga Discusses Pedestrianising Calle Canalejas

Velez Malaga Discusses Pedestrianising Calle Canalejas. Image: Ayuntamiento de Velez Malaga

Velez-Malaga Council has held a meeting to discuss pedestrianising Calle Canalejas.

THE council held the meeting in Velez-Malaga to discuss pedestrianising the road.
According to Velez-Malaga Council, the mayor, Antonio Moreno Ferrer, held the meeting with a group of citizens to discuss the plans.
The council said: “As part of the urban transformation project in the centre of Velez-Malaga and the pedestrianisation of the main commercial arteries, the mayor of Velez-Malaga, Antonio Moreno Ferrer, and the councillor for Infrastructure, Juan Garcia, met this Wednesday with the group as part of a process of citizen participation.”
It said the council planned to meet with other “local groups, traders and residents of the area to ask their opinions before proceeding with the drafting of the final project.”
The council said: “Citizen participation and the opinion of the main participants is key to the proper development and optimal outcome of the work.”
As part of the global pedestrianisation in the centre of Velez-Malaga, and once the pedestrianisation of Plaza de Las Carmelitas has been completed, work will continue on Calle Camino de Malaga, which has been closed to traffic for about two years.
The Canalejas preliminary project, like the Camino de Málaga, seeks to give continuity to the Plaza de Las Carmelitas by turning that area into a single space for pedestrian traffic, which will be filled with benches, bins, lights and green spaces.
The council said: “The council team continues to reaffirm its commitment to a historic centre designed for people and advances in the urban transformation of a more modern and sustainable city, which promotes job creation and boosts local trade.”