Funeral of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh Takes Place

Funeral of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh: Royal Mourners Arrive

HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. Image: Royal UK

THE funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh has taken place.

The funeral’s order of service was set out by Buckingham Palace.

The Queen arrived at the funeral by car ahead of other members of the royal family, while the royal family members attending the funeral walked in pairs in a procession behind the coffin of Prince Philip walking to St George’s Chapel.

The procession, led by Prince Charles, saw the family walk in pairs behind the coffin, apart from princes William and Harry who walked with Peter Philips.

Troops from the armed forces previously formed a procession ahead of the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh.

According to the Mail Online, Kate and William, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, were earlier seen arriving at the funeral, as well as Prince Charles.

Before them, mourners arrived ahead of the funeral of Prince Philip this afternoon.

The guests arrived as Prince Philip’s coffin was moved ahead of a procession, while the royal’s insignia have been placed on the altar at St George’s Chapel where the funeral took place at 4pm (3pm UK time).

After Prince Philip’s coffin was moved, a convoy of funeral cars entered the area carrying the first guests.

The full details of Prince Philip’s funeral were previously announced, showing Princes William and Harry would not walk side by side.

The Queen travelled in the funeral cortege in a Bentley state, while Princes Harry and William were separated during a royal procession behind Prince Philip’s coffin.

The brothers’ cousin, Peter Philips, walked between the pair during the procession at the funeral.

After the coffin was taken into St George’s Chapel, where the funeral will take place, Prince William moved ahead of his brother as the royal family arrive in pairs.

The Queen sat by herself in the quire of St George’s Chapel.

Prince Philip is believed to have planned his own funeral, including the order of service.