Police Bring Down International Hashish Gang in Fuengirola

Police Bring Down International Hashish Gang in Fuengirola

Police Bring Down International Hashish Gang in Fuengirola. Image: Policia Nacional

POLICE have brought down an international hashish gang in Fuengirola.

Officers from the National Police brought down the alleged hashish gang which had been trafficking the drug internationally in Fuengirola.
According to Spanish newspaper Sur, the National Police have arrested three people during their investigation.
The police reportedly brought down a gang with several plantations on the Costa del Sol that supplied the European drugs trade.
In their investigation, officers have arrested three people, searched three homes, dismantled several plantations and seized more than 150 kilos of buds ready to be trafficked to Europe.
Officers arrested the three alleged perpetrators of the gang, two German nationals and one Irish citizen, for their alleged involvement in crimes of organised crime and drug trafficking.
According to reports from the body, there is still a fourth person involved pending arrest. In the inspected properties, agents also found a high-end vehicle and €600.
The investigation began following several reports that pointed to a gang, based in the province of Malaga, cultivating and distributing marijuana from Spain to Europe.
The criminal gang involved at least four people based in the province of Malaga, led by a man of Bulgarian nationality, who the police have not found.
Investigators found that the drug traffickers intended to make a shipment, but police were able to stop it as two of the suspects left a vehicle.
The police statement and the detainees have been made available to the competent judicial authority, which has ordered the three detainees to be taken into custody.


    • Al

      18 April 2021 • 17:11

      Ummm, hashish is not grown in Malaga, marijuana is. Hashish is a processed product requiring vast amounts of raw marijuana, so is made in Morocco, not Malaga. Spanish grown marijuana can be sold for as much as hashish, so there is no reason to produce hashish in Spain. These were marijuana producers not a “hashish gang”.

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