Malaga Population Growing With British Residents

Malaga Population Growing With British Residents

Malaga Population Growing With British Residents. Image: Diputacion de Malaga

THE population in Malaga is growing with British residents.

In terms of population growth, Malaga is leading the way with 1,694,089 people already living in the city, according to the registry of the Continuous Register published by the National Institute of Statistics, which represents an increase of 8,169 people compared to the statistics in 2019.
The foreign population, which has increased by 5,433, of which more than half are British residents and have decided to register their establishment in the province. The British colony in Malaga now has 53,164 members, followed by the Moroccan (33,545 people) and the Italian (14,301).

This increase in the population has occurred despite the fact that Covid has claimed 781 lives in 2020 and States of Alarm have affected movements. In addition, births fell in Malaga in December by 22 per cent. This data shows that the population of those under 15 years of age in the province has decreased by 5,517 people, and of those between 25 and 44 years there are more than 8,000 people who have stopped residing in Malaga.

Adding this to the fact that the main age group in which the population has grown is between 45 and 70 years (+14,821) and among those over 75 (+4,520) is concerning due to the general ageing of the population. However, the age group between 16 and 44 still continues to be the one with the largest population, with 617,080 registered.

The two other provinces with the most inhabitants are Madrid and Barcelona, ​​both of which have lost more than 30,000 inhabitants. This may be due to the effects of teleworking and that workers are seeking more hospitable and economical places to live, confirming that Malaga is an option that is gaining popularity in attracting remote workers because of the living conditions.

Source: Malaga Hoy

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