Velez-Malaga Announces Children’s Council Initiative

Velez Malaga Announces Children’s Council Initiative

Velez Malaga Announces Children’s Council Initiative. Image: Ayuntamiento de Velez Malaga

Velez-Malaga Council has announced a children’s council initiative.

THE council announced the Velez-Malaga children’s council have taken part in an activity in schools.
According to Velez-Malaga Council, the initiative replaced the normal children’s council due to Covid restrictions.
Councillor for Equality, Victor Gonzalez, said the initiative, titled ‘Imagine our neighbourhood,’ replaced the children’s council and offered young people a chance to express their views on Velez-Malaga.
The initiative was carried out in schools, and Councillor Gonzalez said debates would include the topics of poverty, inequality, and climate change.
He said the initiative, “has allowed us to visualise the different neighbourhoods from the perspective of the children of the municipality, who have made proposals for quite interesting improvements.”
The councillor said the children most praised outdoor parks and bike lanes, while they also spoke about the importance of monuments and historic buildings in the municipality, as well as food and the climate.
Children also said the municipality should house more green areas for leisure activities and physical exercise.
The news comes after five indoor marihuana plantations were shut down in Velez-Malaga.
Three arrests were made in connection with cultivating and trafficking after 745 plants were seized during raids at two properties.
The investigation began after members of the public contacted the Local Police station of Velez-Malaga to report the possible existence of marihuana crops.
Officers identified the residents – two men and one woman – and located the homes in question, verifying noise emanating from them.
The properties were raided and five separate indoor greenhouses were discovered.