Digital signage and its key elements: let’s get acquainted?

Digital signage and its key elements

Digital signage and its key elements

The world is evolving very fast due to the continuous advancements in technology and so is the marketing industry. Digital signage is one of the latest advertising tools available in the market. Digital displays have become very popular due to their high visual graphics and ability to grab the attention of the masses. Digital signs are everywhere and they comprise majorly of the huge screens you see in the streets, malls, and banking halls as they can be used for advertisements and to pass some information to people. To understand how they work, it is only wise that you get to understand its key elements.

Objectives of the Installation

As a very popular type of signage, digital signage can be quite important to set up or run which is why companies or institutions relying on digital displays need to be sure that the benefits reaped from the installation outweigh the cost. Here are some of the objectives of installation.

Grab more attention

As a brand or institution, there is a particular message that you want to get to your target audience. That can only happen if you grab their attention and digital signs are the answer. People all over the world are embracing technology, making it the best way to reach them.

Engage customers

There is nothing that customers enjoy more than a great user experience that begins with self-service. Anything that saves customers’ time and resources is perfect for your company and digital signs allow for exactly that. Customers enjoy the freedom and convenience of serving themselves without much human interaction.


The purpose of automation is to improve on precision and also reduce wages and maximize profits. Digital sign changes automatically which means you do not need a team to keep changing the sign, message, or ad when it’s due. Not even you as the company have the trigger or button to change what is on the screen but a management software.

Do more advertising

One of the benefits of digital signs is that you get to advertise more or send more than one message to your target audience. For example, advertising on a screen installed on a busy street allows you to run more than one ad and reach thousands if not hundreds compared to a banner or a billboard with only one ad-minus the attention.

Boost recall rate

While advertising or passing some information to the public, the goal is to create familiarity and develop interest. People take quick action with things they relate with out of memory. Digital signages are quite interesting and grab the attention of customers very fast. This way, it is easier for the customer to recall and take action.

‘Reduce’ wait time

People dread waiting in line, and worse, waiting while idle and bored. Customers will easily walk out of a store and never return because of long queues. As you try to reduce the actual waiting time, you should also reduce the perceived waiting time. Using a digital sign keeps customers engaged and reduced the perceived waiting time. This way, you retain customers even with a queue.

Places of Installation

As much as signs are effective, there are places known as preferred sites or sites of maximum efficiency. These are specific places strategically mapped out to ensure the reach of as many customers or the public as possible or elicit the perfect or desired results. Some the places of installation include:

  • Stores– Huge stores are a perfect fit for this kind of signage. A digital display showing the goods or services being offered and the prices gives customers a variety and the will to explore some of the other products or services displayed on the signage.
  • Waiting zone– There is nothing as irritating to customers as having to sit and wait to be served. Digital sign offers an ideal solution to retaining customers at the waiting bay by using infotainment content to keep them occupied as they wait in line.
  • Outdoor façade– Huge writing and art do attract the attention of passersby but nothing works better than a digital sign. Installing a digital sign on the outdoor façade does attract the right kind of attention and sparks interest in some.


Since digital signage uses display screens for broadcasting, high-quality hardware is required to set up.

Digital display

There are so many screens available in the market, but when it comes to choosing the ideal one for signage purposes, there are certain factors you need to look into the location, budget, target audience size, and content type. For indoor use, you may consider the small units that are easy to install and occupy minimal space. For outdoor digital displays, consider the IP65 enclosure model and models with boosted brightness.


To run the program, you will need a computer or smart device. You may use a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer depending on availability. What is important is to ensure the device you choose to run the software allows for easy access and management based on where it is cloud-based or on-premises.


CMS software part and parcel of the digital signage set up. It is what allows for automation of the broadcasting including remote access. As a rule, it consists of management interface (web-based or desktop), server part (cloud-based or on-premises) and a media player on the screen’s side (software or hardware).

Using of a cloud-based solution offers better results and management than on-premises software. As the name suggests, the cloud-based system operates online which means you can make changes from a remote location. At the same time, cloud-based software easier and cheaper, especially at the deployment stage.


Your needs and preferences as a brand determine the content to play on a digital display. Content varies from simple videos, dynamic feeds, images, or interactive scenarios. Only screens with good resolutions can be used for videos. All these types of content attract the attention and the interest of customers but we all know creative videos with great color quality are the best.


Digital signs have amazing benefits but they can be improved further with the use of analytics. For example, outdoor screens are ideal for broadcasting simple videos and image slide shows as they reach a bigger target audience and attract the most attention. LCDs in malls and stores are ideal for displaying specific items on sale, prices, and discounts. They also work as menu boards in restaurants and fast-food joints.

Customers being fully aware of what is available, where to find it, and at what cost is very crucial to the growth of your brand which is all possible with the use of digital signs and displays.


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